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What is Venturing?

Venturing is a nationwide program for young men and women ages 14-20. Venture programs are geared towards special interests such as Computer Science, Medicine, Engineering, Outdoors, and more. Each Venturing Crew (group) is chartered by the Boy Scouts of America, and is sponsored by community organizations such as local schools,

churches, businesses, and government. Volunteer adult advisors provide support and share their knowledge with members while fostering self-reliance and leadership.

Venturing Crew 1130

Venturing Crew 1130 is a coed group (ages14-21) based in McLean, Virginia which specializes in High Adventure and Outdoor Leadership. Meetings are held every other Sunday at Charles Wesley Methodist Church usually at around 3. During the meetings both members and leaders plan the monthly overnight outings as well as weekly activities closer to home, such as rockclimbing and kayaking. In addition, members and leaders participate in discussions about outdoors skills, necessary gear, and safety. If you are interested in joining feel free to attend.

Why are we unique?

Learning to climb, paddle, or just get to the trailhead is difficult without the right resources and equipment, which can be quite expensive to rent or buy. Venturing Crew 1130 provides the necessary gear for most activities and the leaders can teach

members how to use it safely. During the warmer months Crew members make use of the 15+ whitewater kayaks owned by the Crew. Weekly paddling on the Potomac River and frequent trips up to the Youghiogheny River in Pennsylvania for instruction at Riversport, one of the top whitewater schools in the country, have most members hooked by the end of the summer. The advisor, who is a certified Red Cross instructor, and the associate advisors have years of boating experience and love to share their knowledge and enthusiasm.

In cooler weather members put on their hiking boots and dust off the compass for monthly overnight backpacking trips. Cabin trips introduce inexperienced members to the basics of camping and backcountry (wilderness) outings challenge members to learn to orienteer, pack light, prepare for the elements, and practice low impact skills. Rockclimbing trips range from day trips to Great Falls to overnight trips to Skyline Drive and are suited for both beginners and experienced climbers. Venturing Crew 1130 has all the necessary gear and know-how for belayed climbing and rappelling. When members have the urge to get a little dirty, caving is the activity of choice, with overnights in Virginia and West Virginia. During the season of snow, an occasional ski/snowboarding trip (downhill and cross country) is a possibility. Venturing Crew 1130 is as active as its members make it.


Venturing Crew 1130 tries to serve the community which supports its members. Because of its outdoor focus, Crew 1130 tries to combine work with pleasure by working in and preserving wilderness areas so that all may enjoy a break from city life. Projects include trail and trail shelter maintenance as well as upkeep and repair of a Potomac Appalachian Trail Club Cabin.

The Future

How can Venturing Crew 1130 shape your future? That question could be answered by former members and leaders of the Crew, some of whom have gone on to teach at leading outdoor instruction schools for climbing and paddling. Many members have gone on to pursue careers in environmental studies and conservation. High Adventure Venturing fosters great leadership skills which come in handy whether you are leading a college outdoor club or your own company.